What Does Outsourced IT Support Offer?

While small and medium size businesses (SMBs) need IT support daily just like larger companies,  it often doesn’t make sense to allocate limited resources to full-time in-house IT support. SMBs frequently settle for part-time support or that friend-of-a-friend-who-knows-computers and find that either resources aren’t available when needed or the results fall short when the chips are down. In these instances, outsourced IT support is a great way to make the most of one’s resources.

What is outsourced IT support? It’s a way to supplement your existing IT infrastructure with qualified professional expertise who are available when needed to address issues. Think of it as “IT Help for Hire” that you can access when needed to keep your business operation operating.

Who Can Benefit from Outsourced IT Support?

Smaller businesses outside of the technology industry, such as coffee shops and restaurants, need IT support on a regular basis, but even larger chains may be better off without full-time IT employees. Saving on equipment and office space alone is a major consideration for many smaller business budgets. What outsourced IT companies like Phreedom Technologies offer to businesses is experienced IT management without the cost of a salary or physical space. You gain the benefits of an IT team suited to handle problems of a much larger operation, but only pay for the services you need. Outsourced IT support not only works better for your budget, but it also gives you much needed peace of mind knowing that you have professional support.

Technology Roadmaps

One specific aspect where outsourced IT can help smaller businesses is with a technology roadmap. A roadmap helps smaller businesses plan ahead for their needs. For example, a smaller business that is looking to expand its sales team in five years is going to need to equip them with new computers and software. This is just one example of the many expenses and scenarios where proper IT support will be needed to keep things moving forward smoothly. A roadmap also helps prevent disruptive hiccups by taking preventative measures before key times of the year and exposing common issues before they happen. Outsourcing IT supplies your business with a team that knows exactly when issues happen, what causes them, and how to prevent them.


Many smaller operations cannot afford to hire a dedicated IT support team or even take on a single new employee for this purpose, but they certainly can’t afford not to have dedicated and experienced support when it’s needed most. Taking advantage of Phreedom’s outsourced IT services is like hiring a multitude of highly overqualified IT experts at the exact price that will suit your budget. Never go without the secure feeling of a highly qualified IT team watching your back, ensuring that you are always moving forward.