Top 5 IT Security Trends in 2018

Top 5 IT Security Trends in 2018

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Top 5 IT Security Trends in 2018

Did you know, every year there is a hacker’s attack every 39 seconds resulting to affect one in three Americans? There’s more. About 45% of cyber attacks target small businesses as most of them are not protected with a foolproof IT security plan making them vulnerable to unauthorized attacks every now and then. The statistics will only get scarier to prove the growing menace of cyber-attack across the world. The alarming situation has led to the emergence of more and more IT security trends to prevent the breach of data as much as possible. Let’s learn the top IT security trends in 2018.

1. Supply chain blitz

2017 was the year of supply chain attacks and the aftermath is more likely to affect this year as well. Automated mechanisms have triggered this issue and in order to combat this professional IT security measures need to taken. Get started by getting in touch with them and let them build a supply chain network connection map to extenuate probable risks.

2. Ransomware strike

Technological experts are investing a lot of time and effort to find measures to mitigate the cyber menace called Ransomware. Recently, types of ransomware like WannaCry and Notpoteya have already made it to the list of highly infectious ransomware attacks. IT support service providers reported that small businesses are highly vulnerable to this attack. They should get in touch with outsourced IT support team to prevent this attack.

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3. The blockchain attacks

Blockchain networking has also succumbed to malicious attacks. A couple of years back, Ethereum Krypton blockchain was attacked 51% where the hackers stole coins through double spending. Tech experts are still working on preventing the onslaught of networking attacks.

4. Vulnerable Cloud Technology

With the proliferation of cloud computing technology, there has been a significant rise of attacks on the cloud. Shared cloud services system is one of the main reasons behind these unauthorized pilferages and this is becoming all the more alarming due to increasing demand for cloud computing in business enterprises. So if your business is dependent on cloud computing then it’s high time you outline a professional IT security plan to prevent this.

5. Web Application attacks

The emergence of web application attacks is mostly due to erroneous coding. With proper firewall protection, hackers can easily get public access to databases. However, firewall or SSL protection is not enough to prevent attacks. This again needs a professional roadmap to keep the business protected.

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