IT Outsourcing Is On The Rise Because It Works!

It was only a few years ago that a the most significant reason to outsource IT was to only need to deal with IT people when absolutely necessary. Today, technology touches literally every aspect of business, and IT outsourcing has become the preferred operating model for many businesses given the high demands placed on IT in operations.

Outsourcing IT is particularly appropriate for small to medium-sized businesses where the costs and complexity of managing IT internally are burdensome at best and infeasible at worst. More and more companies are discovering that outsourced IT can transform how IT supports their business and creates competitive advantage.


The Growing Trend of IT Outsourcing

At its simplest, IT outsourcing offers the opportunity to reduce the investment in managing IT for your company, both financially and in terms of management time. As technology has become increasingly complex, business leaders have recognized the value of having qualified professional expertise available to relieve the pressure of IT management so they can focus on their core business objectives. A quality outsourced IT company becomes a true partner in your business to ensure that your IT systems support your business today and in the future.

The trust that companies put in their IT providers is evident in a recent survey of 1,003 companies that revealed:

  • 83% said they are comfortable with IT consultants interacting directly with partners
  • 90% of C-level executives would put IT consultants in front of important clients
  • 66% of companies plan to expand the role IT consultants play as business advisers
  • The areas of IT expertise that are in the most demand are cloud services (44%) and network systems integration (43%)


The pace of technology change gives rise to a regular cadence of new solutions to business challenges. Leveraging an external IT service specialized in supporting client IT systems increases your access to new technical developments and solutions while controlling costs and improving efficiency and workplace productivity.


It Makes Dollars (& Sense)

IT outsourcing is on the rise. In fact, 37% of business technology budgets are now controlled by outsourced IT companies like Phreedom Technologies. The reason a trend like this is increasing so rapidly is because it works!


If you don’t have IT professionals with decades of experience to lead you in the optimal direction with technology, then give us a call at (602) 336-3450 and have the principals of Phreedom Technologies be your IT advisers.