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Ransomware: A Race Against Time

On a recent Monday, an emergency call came in from a company who believed that they had been hit with a ransomeware attack (cryptolock file), which encrypted their data and instructed them to pay a ransom in order to get it back. They could not access important company documents, all of their digital files actuall, [...]

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A Lesson On Domain, Email and Network Security

We recently had a long-standing client (mid-size organization) contact us with concern that his email was compromised while traveling overseas. Emails went to specific people in the company under the false-pretense that the associate was in distress and needed monetary assistance. The nefarious email was opened and read, which infected the recipient’s laptop. Though you [...]

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IT Outsourcing Consulting Is On The Rise Because It Works!

It was only a few years ago that a significant reason to outsource IT was to deal with IT people only when necessary. Now that technology is literally in every aspect of business, service providers like Phreedom and our technicians have adapted and grown professionally in order to be aware of changing trends in business [...]

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Regulatory Compliance – It Applies to All Businesses Now

Compliance has increasingly become a challenge for organizations as regulations continue to adjust in response to government legislation and changing industry standards. This piece is the first of a four-part series on the facets of regulatory compliance that regularly affect our clients. How might compliance impact your business? Most government regulation regarding compliance is intended [...]

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