8 Qualities of On-Site Support Personnel

8 Qualities of On-Site Support Personnel

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8 Qualities of On-Site Support Personnel

When it comes to on-site support personnel, there are a number of traits that mark a great employee. But just knowing how to do the job doesn’t mean much if the right attitude isn’t there. If you’re looking for staff to offer web services PPC, here are things to watch for.

Respect for All

You need a tech who is capable of having composed conversations with co-workers, management and users. This is especially important in situations where things may be heated from the other end. Remaining respectful helps your company keep its reputation and is a required quality for support.


There are many aspects of the support job that require self-discipline. They include delivering resolutions to customers, adhering to a schedule, meeting deadlines and more. A dose of self-discipline also makes it easier for a support tech in web services PPC to be respectful at all times.

Ability to Prioritize

As a support person, the ability to prioritize is crucial. This involves having a knowledge of the role of others in the company, understanding of the company itself and having a grasp on the priorities. This allows the support member to consider the rank of the person who needs help when prioritizing assistance.

Commitment to Problem Resolution

You want to have a tech around who is capable of sticking with a problem until the end. There needs to be a desire to follow every step to offer the best answer to someone, even in a situation that is an emergency. Techs have to be willing to work and research until an answer is found.

Detail Oriented

Detail matters in this profession. Resolving the issue is important, but so is ensuring it doesn’t happen in the future. The tech will need to be capable of finding the cause of the issue, resolving it, and then documenting it for future use.

Ability to Communicate

In some cases, the tech support on-site is the person who is in contact with the most individuals both in and outside of the company. You want someone who is capable of understanding problems, listening to your users, translating a problem into technical terms, fixing it and explaining the right solution to a user in common language.

Interest in Technology

 Every tech support worker should have an interest in technology outside of the job. When this person is excited about technology, they’re going to be the best person to make others feel the same way.

Drive to Learn

Change is constant in the world of information technology and being open to learning is important. It’s also important to understand that keeping up to date is mandatory to provide the best service.


This article gives a look at the eight most important qualities of on-site support personnel. While there are many other qualities that may assist in being a fantastic employee, this is a good place to start. This will ensure that your tech can handle any work that is thrown at them.