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Google Chrome 78 Locks Up – Workaround

Issue with Google Chrome rendering after updates We've all seen the all too familiar "Aw, snap!!" on a Google Chrome Tab.  Well, the latest update makes that issue  more  likely than ever. Issue: Latest version of Chrome has a serious bug preventing all pages from loading in normal or incognito mode. The workaround at this [...]

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6 IT Security Best Practices for SMBs

6 IT Security Best Practices for SMBs When most people think of cyber attacks, big corporations and sprawling governmental organizations are the first entities to come to mind.  However, there is another group that is hit more frequently than these megaliths: small and medium-sized businesses, or SMBs. Any business which employs fewer than 250 people [...]

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8 Qualities of Great IT Support Personnel

8 Qualities of Great IT Support Personnel So far as IT support is concerned, let’s face facts. The IT profession has a reputation for strong technical skills but not for incredible interpersonal acumen. Knowing how to do the job is a key requirement of on-site IT personnel but it falls short of ensuring great service. [...]

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How to Choose the Right Technology Company

How to Choose the Right Technology Company Finding a company to understand your IT needs and provide services to support your business is a big task. Technology is challenging and an important factor in your business success, which is why having the right provider matters so much when it comes to your company’s security, stability [...]

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6 Reasons SMBs Rely on Outsourced IT Services

6 Reasons SMBs are Increasingly Relying on Outsourced IT Services The concept of outsourcing services has some negativity attached to it – loss of control, high costs and often less than expected results. While outsourcing can be a poor arrangement for some services, IT isn't one of them when it comes to small or midsize [...]

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Benefits of Outsourced IT and Network Management

Benefits of Outsourced IT and Network Management In today’s technology-based business world, it’s important to stay up-to-date with your IT needs to succeed. But technology is dynamic and staying current can challenge small and medium-sized businesses who often can’t afford the internal staffing and expert resources needed to ensure they have the best technical solution [...]

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What Does Outsourced IT Support Offer?

What Does Outsourced IT Support Offer? While small and medium size businesses (SMBs) need IT support daily just like larger companies,  it often doesn't make sense to allocate limited resources to full-time in-house IT support. SMBs frequently settle for part-time support or that friend-of-a-friend-who-knows-computers and find that either resources aren’t available when needed or the [...]

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