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8 Top Features of Cloud-Based IT Security Support Services

Everything else is going onto the cloud, so why not your security services, too? If you're considering cloud-based security or just want to learn more about its best aspects, here are eight features at the top of most people's lists. Cutting-edge perimeter firewalls Many firewalls are fairly simple, inspecting the source and destination of a [...]

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8 Qualities of On-Site Support Personnel

When it comes to on-site support personnel, there are a number of traits that mark a great employee. But just knowing how to do the job doesn't mean much if the right attitude isn't there. If you're looking for staff to offer web services PPC, here are things to watch for. Respect for All You [...]

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How to Protect Your Business with IT

There are dozens of business IT services in Chandler, which vary based on the company. Many of these services are crucial for running a business, but you may not think about how they can assist with your protection and security. While there is no way to make your company impenetrable, there are certain ways to [...]

How to Choose the Right Technology Company

Finding a company to assess your services and provide web services SEO is a big task. Technology is fickle at best, which is why having the right provider matters so much when it comes to your security and stability. Trial and error isn't the best approach here because hiring and then dropping different providers can [...]

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Is Your Business Disaster-Proof?

Any business can be struck by disaster at any time. Disasters can cause major losses financially or even cause your business to shut down forever. That is why planning for a disaster is crucial for any business. It doesn't matter if the disaster is a flood, fire, data loss or malware that wipes a drive. [...]

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How Outsourcing IT Services Can Be More Profitable for Your Business

All companies need to use digital services if they want to thrive in the 21st century, but many companies are too small to necessitate full-time IT staff. This leads to an increased risk for the company in the event that something goes wrong with their website or software that is essential for the company to [...]

6 Reasons SMBs are Increasingly Dependent on Outsourced IT Services

The concept of outsourcing has some negativity attached to it. While it can be a poor arrangement for some services, IT isn't one of them when it comes to small or midsize businesses. If you're wondering about outsourcing your business IT services in Arizona  or just about the benefits of outsourcing IT for your business [...]

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Ransomware: A Race Against Time

On a recent Monday, an emergency call came in from a company who believed that they had been hit with a ransomeware attack (cryptolock file), which encrypted their data and instructed them to pay a ransom in order to get it back. They could not access important company documents, all of their digital files actuall, [...]

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A Lesson On Domain, Email and Network Security

We recently had a long-standing client (mid-size organization) contact us with concern that his email was compromised while traveling overseas. Emails went to specific people in the company under the false-pretense that the associate was in distress and needed monetary assistance. The nefarious email was opened and read, which infected the recipient’s laptop. Though you [...]

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IT Outsourcing Consulting Is On The Rise Because It Works!

It was only a few years ago that a significant reason to outsource IT was to deal with IT people only when necessary. Now that technology is literally in every aspect of business, service providers like Phreedom and our technicians have adapted and grown professionally in order to be aware of changing trends in business [...]

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