7 Benefits of Outsourced IT Services

Succeeding in business today requires focus – focus on your business, not on your IT infrastructure. But particularly for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs), the difference between what’s necessary in IT and what isn’t is unclear at best. And too often, non-IT business leaders wind up chasing a lot of red herrings trying to do what’s right to support their goals.

Outsourced IT services, also called managed IT services, can be a powerful advantage for SMBs who understand that IT should support their business, not overwhelm it. If you are looking for a better solution for IT services for your business, here are some of the benefits you can realize from outsourced IT.

1. Cost savings

Contrary to what you might first think, outsourced IT services can offer significant cost savings compared to in-house IT solutions. Savings include lower capital expenses on equipment, savings on personnel costs, reduced training and maintenance outlays and more. Maximizing return on investment is a priority for most businesses and you’ll likely be surprised at how managed IT services can deliver the results you need with flexible, cost effective packages that generate real and measurable returns.

2. Time savings and productivity improvements

Do you have the time and resources to provide training to an in-house IT support team and keep them current? An outsourced IT support team is already highly-skilled with up-to-date certifications and has the professional expertise to manage your business IT. The learning curve in IT is steep, and there’s a definite benefit to bringing in an “A Team” who have immediate impact.

3. Dedicated support, 24 x 7

Emergencies can arise at any time. With quality outsourced IT, there will a dedicated IT help desk with local and live technical staff that will be at your service anytime you need them. Anytime.

4. Proactive security management

Outsourced IT providers are current with security threats and proactively manage and plan around security needs for their clients. In fact, since IT security threats are so common nowadays it might be considered an obsession with IT professionals today. Outsourced IT services providers treat security as a core competency to your benefit.

5. Reduced disaster risk exposure

An outsourced IT provider will offer you proven solutions to ‘disaster-proof’ your company from natural or man-made disasters that can occur anytime. From regular data backups to robust recovery plans, an outsourced IT services company will ensure you are covered to reduce risk to your business.

6. Access to the expertise and resources you need

With its larger professional staff on hand, an outsourced IT provider can provide you with access to greater technical expertise and offer flexible resources when needed to support your business on critical issues and projects.

7. Strong business partnership for the future

An outsourced IT provider should act as your partner in all IT related issues, not just deliver on contracted services. As a valuable business asset, your outsourced IT team should be actively supporting the goals of your business including creating a well-planned technology roadmap for your company and providing expert consultation on new tools and technologies. Helping you prepare for your future should be as important as managing it today.

Outsourced IT can be a powerful way to get your IT systems under control and reduce the drain IT can have on management focus and time. If you are interested in learning more about managed IT services, get in touch and we’ll show you how it might work for your business.  Learn more.