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If federal regulators checked your PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance, would your business avoid fines? Let’s say some of your customers personal data were compromised. Even if the breach did not take place within your operations, you can still be penalized if your business is found to not be compliant with PCI standards.

Businesses that store or process credit cards or transmit any kind of personal or banking data must be compliant with the PCI standards. It’s mandatory, not voluntary. If you don’t know if you are or even what your responsibilities are with regard to handling credit cards, contact Phreedom Technologies right away. Consumers are getting smarter and more aware if businesses and organizations are handling and protecting personal data, credit card data or banking data. If you are not, they’re going to walk away without telling you, severely hurting your business.

Why Phreedom for IT Security & PCI Compliance in Phoenix, AZ?

John R Nash - Technology & PCI Compliance Expert

John R. Nash – Owner, CEO

Your business needs an IT service company like Phreedom Technologies who understands how to manage/address the inherent risks of modern technology. We realize that our comprehensive technology services must integrate into your business operation and achieve cost-effective results now and in the long-run.

Phreedom’s PCI Compliance & IT Security Support

  • On-site support personnel and remote support resources
  • IT help desk answered by local, live technical staff
  • Services backed by a full complement of system engineers
  • An IT staff with up-to-date technical certifications

Arizona Department of GamingAuthorized Provider for Arizona Dept. of Gaming
As an authorized IT service provider, Phreedom understands the importance of and the variables that go into protecting customer data, personal or financial. Companies in Arizona with locations nationwide reply on us to be their turn-key solution for PCI compliance and IT Security to protect their data and systems.

We Can Engage Right Away to Help With PCI Compliance

Though we have clients nationwide, we’ve built our reputation on operating in the long-term interest for small- to medium-size businesses in Phoenix, Tucson, and throughout Arizona. Call 602.336.3450 or contact us here to get started with Phreedom. We can meet with you to analyze your unique situation and lay out a cost effective solution. Our technology engineers and IT specialists work to keep you running and protect your business’ data and systems. We will free you up to run your business instead of worrying about the security of your company or customer data.

Phreedom IT Support For Technology Compliance

A thorough assessment of your technology needs, backed by our industry-leading IT support, will free you up to run your business instead of chasing IT issues or complex technology solutions. We have you covered.

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What Are Standards for Data Security Compliance?

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Standard

PCI Compliance - IT SecurityIt’s a set of 12 specific requirements that cover six different goals. It’s very prescriptive. It says not only that you need to be secure but it tells you how to become secure. It’s more about security than compliance. The goals are things like build and maintain a secure network, protect card holder data and regularly monitor and test the networks. That’s the main standard. We manage three different standards. The first one covers everything from the physical security to logical security.

PADS (Payment Application Data Security) Standard

Another standard is called PADS for payment applications a business merchant might purchase off the shelf. For example, if you went to a restaurant and ordered a meal where the waiter used a touch-screen terminal. That terminal puts the order in the kitchen and it’s tied to an ordering database. The application also takes the credit card at the end of the meal. Those terminals, the software applications and your procedures must secure and protect data.

PTS (PIN Transaction System)

This standard is for any process that uses a device that interacts with PIN numbers or cards that use PIN numbers. Those processes, devices and unattended payment terminals, such as those used at gas station [islands], ticket kiosks, and transit systems, must be certified and compliant.