IT Support Services in Tucson, AZ: Phreedom Technologies

Dean Moore

Dean Moore – Owner, COO

We service the metro-Tucson area and most of Southern Arizona from an office centrally located in Tucson, AZ.

Phreedom Technologies Managed Services & IT Support

  • Technology Services backed by a full complement of system engineers
  • Staff with a spectrum of up-to-date technical certifications for IT services
  • Primary on-site support personnel, plus remote support resources available
  • Our IT help desk is answered promptly by live technical staff in our offices
602.336.3450 / 1121 W Warner Rd, Ste 107, Tempe, AZ 85284 / 480.452.0453

We Can Engage Right Away With IT Support

Call 602.336.3450 or contact us here for any type of IT Support in Tucson, AZ. Free yourself up to run your business instead of chasing IT issues or figuring out complex technology solutions. Phreedom Technologies’ IT services will make your life easier, not more complicated.

Why Select Phreedom Technologies for IT Support in Tucson, AZ?

Though we service clients nationwide, we’ve built our reputation by operating in the long-term interest of small- to medium-size businesses in Tucson and throughout Arizona. Phreedom’s principals, technology engineers and IT specialists work to keep you running, make you more productive (profitable), and protect your business’ data and systems. Our mindset is always focused on making your business better, and we’ll provide managed IT services only if we can deliver a return on the investment or lower the total cost of the technology and support.

Do you know the true cost of technology and IT Support Services that affect your bottom line?
Whether you need new guidance with technology or simply looking for better IT service, we have the experience to expertly assess your technology, quantify the true impact on your business and present actual numbers to you.