Phreedom's IT Support Services Make Your Business Better

Simply put, we understand that technology and IT services must work to help you communicate and collaborate better, which makes you more efficient and effective to ultimately yield more production and profitability.

Our Technology Support Services Make Your Business Better

How Does Phreedom Technologies’ IT Support Services Make Your Business Better?

Phreedom Delivers IT Support Services to:

Phreedom IT Support Services

Our IT Service Specialties

IT Support Services

Does your IT service provider give you peace of mind? Phreedom’s comprehensive expertise and punctual services gives our clients the confidence to focus on their operations, not technology. How? Read More

Project Support

Need IT experts with a higher level of expertise? Phreedom delivers support for independent technology projects that require certified technicians with elevated knowledge and experience. More Detail

Tech Assessment

Feel like your technology should help you be more productive? Phreedom can assess the state of your technology to see if it’s optimized, able to grow with you or ready for modern threats? Get Assessment

What is the actual cost of owning and operating your technology?

Cost of IT SupportYou should know the true cost of technology and IT services your company outlays. If you don’t, we’ll quantify it for you. Phreedom Technologies is so confident that we’ll deliver a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) that our team will assess the current state of your technology and your operations with no upfront cost.

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Why Select Phreedom Technologies for IT Support Services?

Our clients and customers rate us with the highest satisfaction of any MSP in Phoenix, Arizona
We are the best IT service provider because we do on-site support and respond with people, not questions
With 10+ engineers on staff, Phreedom is the most competent team with high-level certifications
Clients are considered partners – we make decisions with your business’ long-term interests in mind
Phreedom has proven to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of technology and IT support services

Phreedom Technology + IT Support

Managed IT Support Service Objectives

Do You Feel Like Technology or Your Current Service Provider Get You to Communicate Better?

  • Our individual and collective focus is to help your associates communicate and collaborate
  • Engineers are to provide solutions only if they facilitate communications, not complicate them

Can Phreedom Technologies Really Make You Operate More Efficiently?

  • We provide your team with new technologies and resources to make them better at what they do
  • The solutions we choose to provide must streamline an IT process to speed up workflow

Why Does Phreedom Technologies Make You More Productive?

  • We will assess the state of your technology for data, backups and security – no upfront cost!
  • From our experience, we know how to get you compliant or “in compliance” with current regulations

How Does Phreedom Technologies Increase Your Profitability?

  • Our executive order is to lower the long-term total cost of technology and managed IT services
  • Ultimately, we focus on providing technology and IT services that drive a return on your investment